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We firmly believe in Processes

We take what we do very seriously. 


Not only do we keep up with the latest trends, we enforce, test and analyze every aspect of our designs. 


Once discovery is complete, we’re able to execute a detailed Brand Strategy. 

Brand strategies run deep. Even though brand's external presentation is crucial for things like brand recognition and loyalty, brand's name, logo and color scheme only present the surface of what branding really is.

In order to have a brand that stands the test of time and builds a loyal customer base, you need to stamp your brand into everything you do.

Strong brands are built on solid branding foundations.

Brand Identity
& Guidelines

Brand Identity is carefully crafted based on previously executed Brand Strategy and your company's personality, mission and vision.

It includes a complete presentation with all the key visual elements that will visually represent your brand in the wild, like a logo, typography, color scheme.

& Wireframing

We don’t touch code until we’ve perfected the design. 


We develop a detailed low-fidelity design of your website for review. 


Once changes are made, we move to the wireframe and prototype to provide a live version of your website from a design perspective.


We develop the website using Webflow, a robust website platform, once the design is approved.


In the development and Quality Assurance phase, we make changes, adjust the functionality and triple check site content and development to ensure a seamless transition to the live website.

Website Launch
& Offboarding

Your website goes live and we provide 30 days of support for changes and tweaks to your website entity.

Project Onboarding
& Discovery 

We onboard your project efficiently. 

By introducing you to our Project Manager and gathering basic information, we make the transition as smooth as possible for us to start the design process.

Then we move to the Discovery phase which is the most important part of our action plan. 


The Brand Discovery is a 1-2 hour session that includes a complete brand audit of your business. 


This includes your business values, goals and your ideal buyer personas. This helps us position your business for success. 

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